From Timid Writer to Marketing Speaker

By Nicole Miller


Had you tried to convince me two years ago that I’d be approached to speak at the Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference, you would have failed. Trust me.

In 2011, I was a quiet, timid writer with a few year’s experience under my belt of attending writer’s conferences. I’d even rubbed elbows with some major editors and agents at the local Oregon Christian Writer’s conference. But something about the Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference felt different.

It was a strange sense that overwhelmed and left me feeling like a newbie all over again.

But it was also a rush of excitement and anticipation.

The memories of the inaugural 2011 Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference fill me to this day—the intoxicating words of the keynote speakers, the intensive workshops, the friendships bonded and the rush of inspiration.

I walked away from the conference confident that big things were in store. And boy, were they. I signed with my literary agent that same year, I moved to a new job that entered me into the world of social media marketing, and I was offered my first chance to teach a workshop.

Now, I have the honor and privilege to be leading two workshops on marketing and social media tricks for writers. This step into teaching has fulfilled me in ways I never expected (and I’d love to see you all at the conference!)

2011 was a year of defining change, and I felt it stirring at the Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference. I can’t guarantee the same experience for you—but I can guarantee you won’t regret the time and investment into your career and your spirit.

I challenge you to journal the day before, the day of, and the day after the Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference. Just see what sort of difference comes about. It could be a big year for you.


Nicole M. Miller is an award-winning writer, history buff, equestrienne and a former rodeo queen—all of which come together in her historical fiction and blogging. A social media coordinator and self-proclaimed Facebook and Twitter addict, she coaches writers and small business owners in utilizing social media as a marketing tool. Connect with her at and




  1. Cornelia says:

    Nicole- thank you for sharing your story from 2011!! It is exciting to have you back this year, and this year as a speaker! Great to see how God has worked in your life through the conference!It will be fun to hang
    Blessings, cornelia

  2. Ashley Larkin says:

    Nicole, what a great story! What a great journey. So glad you were at the conference in 2011, and I look forward to meeting you at this one in just a few short weeks.

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  4. Nicole Miller says:

    Thank you Cornelia and Ashley!

    Ashley – I can’t wait to meet you too!