Steven Shomler

In the summer of 2011, Steven Shomler decided to take his writing seriously and officially become a speaker and an author. Up until that point, he had spent 20 years wanting to become an author, without ever actually trying to make it happen.

Today – three years later, you can find his first book, Portland Food Cart Stories, at Powell’s. His first book came out April 15th, 2014 and the first printing sold out in 10 weeks.

In addition to being a Food Writer and a Radio Show Host, Steven speaks and consults with people about how to use Branding, Marketing, Social Media and Startup Tenacity to ignite their dream, startup or idea and take it from a spark to a bonfire providing light and warmth too many people. We are excited to welcome him for the first time to our conference!

Website: Twitter: @stevenshomler

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