Nicol Epple

Nicol Michelle Epple is fettered forever by love-chains of grace. She is passionate about girls and women living in fullness and freedom in Christ. For twenty years she has facilitated groups for girls’ book clubs, weight-loss groups, and women’s bible studies. When not studying and researching she weaves words online at her blog, “Ladies of Virture.”

When Nicol turned forty she began a new chapeter of her life and went to college. She graduated magna cum laude from Pennsylvania State University two years later. The baccalaureate degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences centered on the interdisciplinary subjects of English, History, and Women’s Studies, titled, “The Influence of Women upon Culture.”

She continues these studies as a graduate student at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is also the Founding Director of The LOV Foundation, Inc., an NGO working to empower girls and women overcoming gender-based violence and sexual exploitation in Altoona, PA, Liberia, Tanzania, and Costa Rica.

Nicol speaks internationally on women’s issues and is currently writing a curriculum empowering women by educating and encouraging them to embrace their identity in Christ. Nicol lives in the mountains of western Pennsylvania with her husband, four children, and golden-retriever.

Website: | Twitter: @LadiesOfVirtue

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