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Who we are

We are a faith-based diverse creative community of writers, bloggers, lovers of literature, journalists, professors, activists, theologians, literary agents, editors, publishers, screenwriters, musicians, artists, word poets, creatives, and everyday people who love WORDS, the Word and story who feel led to share the message God has given us.

2011 Beginnings

God has given us the creative arts as a way to communicate our story to others in a culture starving for beauty and relevance and stories that mattersAlthough the internet, social media and hashtags are great ways to connect virtually, we have a God-given need for living, breathing, in-person connections and gatherings, a place to be known by fellow creatives.

Because of this craving for community, we established the yearly Faith & Culture Writers Conference in 2011, with Western Seminary serving as our hosting sponsor. Our vision is to move our conference to a different university setting each year. We’ve held conferences in Multnomah University George Fox University and Warner Pacific College.


Past speakers include Sarah Bessey, Deidra Riggs, William Paul Young, Emily P. Freeman, Ken Wytsma, Richard Twiss, Nish Weiseth, Seth Haines, Sarah Thebarge, Tony Kriz, A.J. Swaboda, Paul Pastor and Randy Woodley.

“The Faith & Culture Writers Conference is a unique creative writing conference experience. Some who attend say they are not writers at all, but they write out of necessity and calling and conviction, as it is through the written word that they are able to communicate their stories and message in a changing world starving for truth and beauty.  I love that about our conference, as we are honored to introduce fresh new voices to the conversation around word and story and faith and culture and the arts, people who write because they have to write.”

Cornelia Becker Seigneur, Faith & Culture Writers Conference Founding Director