A Faith & Culture Sabbatical

When we started the Faith & Culture Writers Conference in 2011 at Western Seminary in Portland, our initial idea was to offer our creative event every other year at alternating higher education institutions. As the years went on, the passion for the Faith & Culture Writers Conference grew beyond the Pacific Northwest, and we began […]

Writing ministry outreach to the Oregon State Penitentiary

Matt 25: 35-40″ By Cornelia Seigneur Our  Writing Ministry Outreach at the Oregon State Penitentiary for our Annual Essay Presentation with the 7th Step Foundation is Thursday August 27. Thank you to those who signed up. For those who are attending (pre-approved through the prison), we are carpooling together from Rolling Hills Community Church, 3550 […]

Rusty Bars and Repentant Hearts

Today, we’re reposting Chara Donahue’s blog post. Why? Because (a) she’s amazing (b) her chronicle about her experience at ministry is moving, honest  (c) we hope this inspires you to join us for this year’s Essay Presentation. We’re heading to Oregon State Penitentary Aug. 25. Deadline to sign up is FRIDAY, AUG. 10! Click here […]

“Stats” or Bridge?

by Jan Johnson   A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my book giveaway drawing… you know, the drawing nobody entered? Well, I wrote about it partly to tell you where the book ended up, and partly in the interests of full disclosure–I don’t want to give a false impression that I’m some wildly popular, […]

Stirred and Settled

by Jan Johnson  I’d been looking forward to it for months: the Faith & Culture Conference for writers and other creatives. We met last weekend at Warner Pacific College, on the edge of Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon. Brent and I actually flew out to Portland a week early to visit our two sons, their […]

When Cracks Show us the Glory of God

by Ashley Hales Shivering in this northwesterly wind, I sit on the edge of dirt and pavement: this juxtaposition between organic and man-made. This concrete worn and utilitarian next to the unadorned simplicity – almost vulgarity – of the dirt. We are stuff just as these. Stones pulverized and fashioned into meaning. Organic material who […]

What it Looks Like to Find Home (yet again)

by Ashley Hales We almost moved to Portland in 2009 to do an apprenticeship with a church. We fell in love. We wanted to be downtown people. We wanted to walk on lazy Saturday mornings with a cup of hand-crafted coffee and browse in Powell’s. We ached for urbanism, books, meaning, and craft beers. We […]

It’s about changing lives by sharing our stories.

By Liz von Ehrenkrook “I love how much energy you have!” I laughed, “This isn’t typical of me, I’m not usually excited about being social; but being with My People, I can’t really help myself.” This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Faith & Culture Writer’s Conference in Portland. If you’re a […]

Letting go of fear and saying, “I am a Writer”

By Leanne Sype  There’s something I haven’t told you because I’ve been fearful. I thought I was being humble. But this past weekend I attended the 2015 Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference, which turned into two-day therapy-retreat where I cried a lot and got really depressed before I became inspired. I was hindered to inspiration because I […]